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Walt Grebing

       Walt Grebing, for the past 18 years, has consulted with more than 100 school districts in over 40 states and Canada. He has presented for the Department of Defense Schools, the International Schools in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Central America. Additionally, he has presented for ASCD, AASA, and NMSA National and Urban Conferences. Walt has also keynoted at 29 state conferences, in numerous school districts, and for the New England League of Middle Schools.

      Walt served as President of the National Middle School Association and also served for six years on the Board of Trustees representing 14 states of the Western Region of the United States and Canada.

       Known for his practical, humorous approach to middle school issues, Walt’s major areas of expertise include block scheduling, teaming, detracking, curriculum mapping, advisory, middle school transition, integrating curriculum, student achievement, school to work, exemplary middle school programs, school climate, principal’s role in middle schools, learning styles, parental involvement, strategies for challenging students in heterogeneous classrooms, discipline, authentic assessment, varied classroom strategies, and school leadership.

      Walt is co-author of the book “We Who Laugh Last” with Julia Thomason. This popular publication features various anecdotes about middle school students. He has also co-authored, with Dr. Paul George, two articles: “The Seven Cardinal Skills for Middle School Leadership”, and “Challenging the Brightest Without Sacrificing the Rest”. He has also appeared on the Tie-In Educational Television Channel in San Antonio, Texas.

     Walt held the position of middle school principal for twenty-three years in the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado. There, he opened Louisville Middle School and Broomfield Heights Middle School. Both schools received state and national recognition. During his career in education, he was a science teacher and also served in the capacity of a high school assistant principal.

Topics Include:

Differentiated Instruction
Authentic Assessment
Revitalizing Your Middle School Program
Strategic Planning
Middle Level Leadership
Parental Involvement
Classroom Management
Flexible Block Scheduling
Interdisciplinary Teaming
Middle School Climate
Developing An Exemplary Middle School Program

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