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Susan Silverman

      Susan Silverman has been in education for over 30 years. She presently holds the position of Instructional Technology Integration Teacher in her district. Her job involves helping teachers in the primary and secondary schools integrate technology into their curriculum areas. Susan coordinates internet projects and help colleagues become project participants. Students creating political cartoons based on what they are studying (The Joke’s On) or learning about the Wright Brothers through literature, research, and experiments (Wright On) are examples of such projects.

       In addition to fulfilling her district’s obligations, Susan writes educational technology articles, conduct workshops, and maintain web sites. She has presented at numerous conferences on technology and is in great demand nationally as an Instructional Technology Consultant.

Topics Include: (pass your mouse over the topic for more info)
  • Kidspired Collaborations
    • The objective of this workshop is to help teachers develop new literacies into the content areas through the use of Kidspiration software. Participants will explore some best practices of technology integration, learn how to use Kidspiration Version 2, and create their own activities. Everybody will create a template that can be used in their classrooms.
  • Search the Internet for Nuggets to Enrich Your Elementary Classroom
    • Join Susan and explore rich treasures for curriculum integration. You will be guided on a Collaborative Projects tour, where Susan will share her successful online projects and show you how to join them. Learn how to create your own online interactive activities that support state and ISTE learning standards.
  • Yes, There IS a Cure for the DBQ Blues!
    • And you thought document based questions (aka DBQs) weren’t any fun. Find out how the Internet can add spice to your DBQ lessons. You’ll leave this session fired up and ready to teach those DBQs
  • Kid Pix: A simple, yet powerful, multimedia program for teaching and learning in all curriculum areas
    • As participants learn how to use this program they will discover ways that it can be used throughout the curriculum.
  • Create Online Activities with Quia
    • Participants will learn how to create activities, quizzes, games, surveys, and a simple web page.
  • Using Technology to Create Assessment Tools
    • As educators use the Internet for instruction it is important to have an assessment plan in place. During this workshop participants will discuss assessment theories, view various rubrics and create their own.
  • National Educational Technology (NETS) in All Curriculum Areas
    • Participants will work with models that can be used in their classrooms to support NETS.
  • Using Technology to Enrich Your Social Studies Curriculum
    • Find out ways the Internet can be used to enhance your Social Studies curriculum and meet the standards.
  • Using Technology to Enrich Your Reading Program
    • Workshop participants will explore the online treasure chest that is filled with resources that enhance literacy.
To request information on Susan Silverman, e-mail ssilverman@educationspeakersgroup.com

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