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Sandy Holloway

     Sandy L. Holloway is a highly motivating experienced practitioner. Under her direction, she has implemented a school governance framework at her school that encourages the surrounding community to participate in decisions aimed at improving student achievement and to work together with the school administration to identify weaknesses campus-wide. The leadership skills exhibited by Sandy have guided the campus community in the gathering and interpretation of data crucial to learning and student achievement..

Before assuming her present duties as principal of a K-5 elementary school with Exemplary Academic Growth, Sandy walked the walk as an education practitioner. Coupled with her previous experience as an elementary and special education teacher, and later as an assistant principal, Sandy is frequently asked by educators both from within and outside of her school district to present and share her knowledge and expertise on a myriad of topics. These topics include management of a campus governance framework for school improvement, the development of Class Subgroup Profile Forms to address interventions at the classroom level, development of a school-wide discipline plan, and the implementation of the National Reading Styles Program. Through Sandy's leadership, her school has been recognized as a model school by the National Reading Styles Institute, and is the first elementary school in the state of Louisiana to receive this honor.

Sandy holds a Master’s Degree in Education plus 30 graduate hours in both Administration and Supervision, and Curriculum and Instruction. In addition, she has earned a superintendent of schools certification, elementary certification in grades 1-8 and special education certifications in Emotionally Disturbed, Socially Maladjusted, Learning Disabled, and Mild Moderate. Sandy is a member of the Louisiana State Board of Examiners for (NCATE) National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education at the university level.

Sandy's success with collective and distributive leadership has positively impacted her faculty, staff, students, parents, and community. Not only has the academic performance of her school improved, student discipline problems have decreased and success has been exhibited throughout the student population. Her school is literacy-rich and dedicated to student advancement and educational achievement. Academic goals are met and surpassed on a daily basis by both students and faculty.

Topics Include:

  • "School Improvement Process / School Governance Framework"
  • "Complying with No Child Left Behind Act"
  • "Class Subgroup Profile Form"

To request information on Sandy Holloway, e-mail sholloway@educationspeakersgroup.com

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