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Dr. Neila A. Connors

Born in Lenox Dale, Massachusetts, Neila received her Bachelor’s degree from St. Leo College in Florida and her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.  She is proud to be a die-hard Florida State Seminole and introduces herself as A BELIEVER IN PEOPLE AND A LOVER OF LIFE!

Throughout her career, Dr. Connors has had the privilege of working with students in grades K-12.  She has been an elementary teacher, a middle school teacher, and an administrator.  Her primary focus is to coach people on how to “build their own bridge for a successful life.”  Her philosophy is based upon Napoleon Hill’s quote:  “if you can conceive it and believe it--YOU can ACHIEVE IT.”

Neila worked at the Florida Department of Education, responsible for coordinating the development of the middle and high school state curriculum frameworks, working with high school teachers and administrators throughout the state.  She also was the Director of Middle Grades and later was responsible for the state International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs.  She also served as a tenured professor in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education at Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia.   

Her research has been in the areas of teacher advisory programs, successful counselors, attitudes of students from rural areas, positive teachers and their characteristics and homework.  Among her most notable publications are  S.O.S. (Success-Oriented Strategies) or Teachers of At-Risk Early Adolescents:  P.S. - All Early Adolescents Are At Risk! and Homework: a New Direction.  Her most recent publication, “If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Eat the Students”, a guide for all educators, has received many enthusiastic reviews.  She is presently writing a partner book for businesses entitled “If You Don’t Feed Your Employees, They Eat the Customers.”  Additionally, her newest book “If You Don’t F.E.E.D. (Fuel, Empower & Engage Daily) the Students They S.T.A.R.V.E. (Stop Trying And Reject Valuable Education) will be available through John Wiley and Sons, Inc. publishing in the fall of 2010.

Neila has written numerous articles and has presented to public and private school educators, school boards, superintendents, state and national organizations, parents, counselors, international school educators, and corporations in the 50 states, Canada, and Europe.

Topics Include:

  1. 1. IF YOU DON'T FEED THE TEACHERS—THEY EAT THE STUDENTS. (Based on the book with the same title. The way principals and assistant principals treat professionals is essential to the success of implementing the mission of the school. Additionally, the way teachers treat teachers is equally important. TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY IS EVERY DAY IN SUCCESSFUL, PEOPLE-ORIENTED SCHOOLS. Neila will share information from her book and encourage participants to share additional "feeding" strategies.

  2. TEACH WITH PASSION!!     Neila will explain how everything we do in schools impact students. Just as we must LIVE with passion—we must TEACH with PASSION.

  3. LEADERSHIP—The KEY TO SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLS! Neila will emphasize how effective leadership impacts the success of schools. Great leaders are involved in planning, designing, and implanting promising practices. The most successful principals and Assistant Principals believe “If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Eat the Students.”

  4. THE WORTH OF THEM ALL! Neila will discuss the importance of recognizing ALL students by ensuring success for EVERY student. She will share valuable strategies to help the “guide on the side”.

  5. THE 21ST CENTURY SCHOOL: IMPORTANT COMPONENTS. Neila will invite participants to SHARE their vision and dream for a quality school She will emphasize the importance of principals, assistant principals, and teachers who recognize active learning, skills for living, and positive self esteem as essential elements.

    Neila will emphasize the need for "paradigm shifting" rather than "paradigm paralysis." Her
    main goal will be to encourage educators to improve their own "room.

  7. "C'S" EACH DAY THROUGH C-HANGES , C-HOICES, C-HALLENGES, AND C-ELEBRATIONS. Neila will address the importance of change, the need for choices, the excitement of challenges, and the advantage of celebrations in successful schools. The focus will be on the "human curriculum" where people are important.

  8. THE M.A.G.I.C. OF EFFECTIVE SCHOOLS. Neila will identify the important components of successful schools that "spin" M.A.G.I.C. The emphasis will be on: M-otivation, Attitude, G-reatness, I-nnovation, and C-aring.

  9. 9. THE BEST SCHOOLS ARE PLACES WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE! Neila will define the role of teachers in preparing students for the world of work while modeling the philosophy "if you can conceive it and believe it, you can ACHIEVE IT," An emphasis will be placed on helping students turn dreams into goals.

  10. If You Are Waiting For YOUR SHIP to Come IN— Don’t Hang Out in Airports.
    Neila will discuss the importance of turning dreams into deadlines. She will remind participants that you can't worry about things you can't control and you MUST "stop and smell the roses" everyday.  Strategies for personal development and success will be addressed.

To request information on Dr. Neila Connors, e-mail nconnors@educationspeakersgroup.com

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