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Linda Dangerfield

      Linda Dangerfield has over thirty years of experience working with children with disabilities. Throughout her career, she has emphasized the importance of providing students with disabilities a positive school climate in normal classroom settings. Linda is parenting a child with autism which has increased her sensitivity to the needs of students and parents. She began her career as a special education teacher, later rising to the position of special education program coordinator, then special education program administrator, to eventually being appointed to the position of special education supervisor for her district. In her present position, she has earned distinction in the state of Louisiana for assuring that special education students are included and successful in regular education settings. Linda has coordinated the district’s multi-agency transition team which successfully placed students in the workforce.

       Linda's expertise in the area of special education has placed her in high demand due to the passage of “No Child Left Behind”. She has presented at the National Association for Severe Handicaps (TASH) for four consecutive years. She also presented at the Autism Society of America National Conference on best practices in special education and presented at the National Conference for State Legislators on the topic of including students with disabilities in regular classes. She has the distinction of having presented for the past ten consecutive years at the Louisiana State Super Conference. She has also presented in districts throughout the state of Louisiana.

      Her message concerning the education of students with disabilities is one that every district should hear.

Topics Include:

  • "Including Students With Disabilities In Regular Classroom Settings"
  • "Transition From School To Work"
  • "Developing Community Based Programs"
  • "Collaborating With Regular Education"
  • "Managing Students With Challenging Behaviors"
  • "Including the Pre-school Child In Natural Settings"

To request information on Linda Dangerfield, e-mail ldangerfield@educationspeakersgroup.com

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