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Judi Wolf

      As a former classroom teacher, School Resource Teacher, and District Program Specialist for Technology in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District in Ohio, Judi Wolf has become passionate about the benefits that technology can provide for teachers and students. Having the opportunity to first introduce the world of connectivity and technologies to the students of a K-5 School, Judi experienced first-hand the enthusiastic excitement emerging from new ways that teachers could teach and students could learn. Bringing technology to the eight elementary schools and later the middle schools and the high schools, afforded Judi the opportunities to see technology enhance instructional delivery and student learning across all grade levels and across all curricular areas.

      Judi has discovered and loves to show others how technology has the capability to support teacher productivity and efficiency. Convinced that communication and involvement among students, parents, and the community is enhanced through the use of technology, Judi demonstrates how students can become a part of a worldwide community of learners and illustrates how “connected” students become motivated to discover, explore, and create.

      Technology can bring a new level of excitement to any classroom, engaging even the most reluctant learner and providing endless opportunities for differentiating instruction. Judi welcomes the opportunity to share with attendees ideas, techniques, and strategies that will help them to get started in using technology in their own classroom.

      Judi promises a “lively” experience, many new ideas and insights into the amazing possibilities for how to enrich the learning environment for teachers and students. Understanding the “already too-overloaded” classroom schedule, Judi presents practical strategies that allow teachers to try new ideas at their own pace.

Topics Include:
  • The Power Of Technology In The Classroom - So Much More Than Drill And Practice
    • A comprehensive workshop that shows teachers the value of using technology for themselves and for their students. From easing their own workload with teacher tools and resources to helping students to bridge the gap between the concrete learning of the classroom and the abstract understandings needed for today’s assessments, this workshop will help teachers to manage technology, select software, find and organize age-appropriate websites, “tame” the Internet for their students, enhance instruction with digital imagery, and use technology to enhance communication. Through technology, students now have the ability to become a part of a world-wide community of learners and to participate in projects with students from all over the world. Teachers will learn how to find out about these projects and see how the projects fit into curricular goals. There are many reasons why both teachers and students can benefit from using technology in the classroom, and this workshop will provide participants with the tools they need to begin.
  • Differentiating Instruction Through the Use Of Technology
    • The range of ability, interest, and motivation level can be very great in classrooms across the country today. In order to make sure that teachers impact all students, differentiating instruction is more important now than ever before. Technology not only provides wonderful resources for teachers in finding ability/interest based content, using technology a variety of processes can be used to complete many different types of products, including multi-media. With technology, it is possible that individual students or groups of students can learn content and fulfill curricular objectives heightened by their own interests and motivation. This workshop will help a teacher to utilize computers, the Internet, digital cameras, scanners, and other technologies to meet the goals and objectives of their curriculum in ways that will attract even the most reluctant learner.
  • Technology And Standards-Based Teaching And Learning
    • Using technology and meeting the needs of standards-based curriculum need not be exclusive of one another. Engaging students in learning using technology is a motivating factor and allows us to meet students in the arena that is attractive to them - the virtual arena. In this presentation, teachers will learn where to look for standards-based, interactive resources that target specific skills. The goals and objectives of the curriculum determine the content and skills to be taught. Technology can enhance the instructional delivery and student learning in a way that will meet the goals and objectives of the curriculum in new and exciting ways.
  • Enhancing Literacy Through The Use Of Technology
    • From emerging literacy to higher levels of comprehension, students need as many varied opportunities for reading and writing as they can get. Technology provides them the opportunities to engage in communication outside of the walls of their classroom and provides them with the desire to not only read what others are writing, but to make their own voices heard through online publishing. Multimedia provides new ways for students to “show what they know” and has provided audio enhancement to encourage reading and writing. This workshop will help teachers to see that technology will never and should never replace reading from print, however from live author chats, virtual field trips, web cameras, and communicating with other students all over the world, technology is motivating more and more students to read and to write. The workshop will help teachers to locate resources and to become aware of how technology can enhance their Language arts curriculum.
  • Enhancing Math Instruction - Integrating Technology For Greater Understanding
    • Understanding math begins with the concrete activities that are done in classrooms every day. These concrete activities continue to be important. Today, in addition to providing “hands on” activities to demonstrate concepts of math, teachers now have available to them interactive technology that helps students to take the next step to complete understanding. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to locate these resources, find interactive websites that allow students the ability for online manipulation, and discover virtual simulations that will lead to further mathematical understanding. The on-line collaborative projects that allow students to collect, organize, and interpret data as a part of a collective group of classes, brings real meaning to the learning environment. Learning how to use spreadsheets and data bases also provides the teacher with new tools to helping students to make math come alive!
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