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Joan Maute, Ed. D.

      Educators across the United State and Canada constantly praise Joan's ability to use experience, expertise, research, and reality mixed with stories, music, humor, and challenges to help them see where they are and where they can go. A believer in possibilities for students and teachers, she draws on her thirty plus years in public education to work with you to celebrate teaching and learning and find a route to answers for your students and your community.

      In 1970 Joan took her enthusiasm for learning, her belief in children, and a deep commitment to making a difference into the classroom. Joan remained in her K-12 district for thirty-three years. During that time she taught students in grades 4-8 "core" and "encore" subjects and held various teacher-leader positions including middle school team coordinator and lead teacher. At the district level she was social studies coordinator and staff development coordinator for over a decade. During her time at central office the district student population grew from approximately 7,000 to over 25,000. Joan's vision for the future and ability to see the big picture yet always focus on students gave her credibility as she worked with hundreds of new and veteran teachers to personify her motto, "Learning never ends."

      A singer and songwriter from the sixties, Joan has written and produced over 50 songs for use in advisory, language arts, science, and social studies. Her latest CD, Dream, Stretch & Grow, reflects her spirit of working to awaken and make dreams come true. Articles written by Joan have been published in many educational journals including Middle Ground and the Middle School Journal. Since retirement in 2003, Joan has been working weekly with two high-minority/low income schools as they move toward closing the achievement gap and making adequate yearly progress.

Topics Include:

“Too Much To Learn; Too Little Time”

Integrating curriculum, higher level thinking, assessment, state standards, technology, differentiated instruction, teaming, homework policies, No Child Left Behind, the lists goes on and on of what we need to know to better meet the needs of our students. How can teachers, teams, and schools find time to support THEIR learning within the day? Joan will focus on creative ways to “capture time” within the day for staff development and prioritize teacher learning to positively impact student achievement.

The goals of her presentation are to:

  • Introduce participants to the importance of and necessity for focused teacher learning to impact    student learning.
  • Share a variety of models of teacher learning within and beyond the school day and year.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and problem solving related to time for teacher learning
  • Have participants walk away with concrete ideas that can be implemented in their school and    districts.

  • “Dream, Stretch, and Grow” (This presentation makes a great keynote)

    In this presentation, Joan share stories and songs that emphasize the challenge of being a student today and the importance of educators; gives examples of safe environments to try and fly; take time for reflection and laughter; and celebrate those who teach and learn. She shares with the audience that some students come to us with dreams; others need to be convinced it’s safe to have them. Stories and songs will highlight the heart and soul of the students. Ideas and possibilities for working with students to help them stretch and grow will be shared. Creating a safe place to try, stumble, fall, and fly can help. If we believe, so can they. This presentation will give educators the tools to help build student dreams.

    “Leading Beyond the Classroom”

    In order for schools to be successful, teacher leaders must be identified, valued, and supported. Communication, collaboration, innovation, and celebration are important keys to leading beyond the classroom. In this presentation, Joan will give participants the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and they will take part in various activities to identify and explore these leadership skills.

    “Teaching and Learning: Everyone, Every day”

    Teaching and learning is more than achievement scores on standardized tests. Successful schools and teachers model learning as well as teaching. They believe in themselves and their students and work together to become the best they can be. In this session Joan shares strategies from successful schools and encourages educators to reflect and celebrate the teaching and learning that is alive and thriving in our schools.

    To request information on Joan Maute, e-mail jmaute@educationspeakersgroup.com

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