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Jan Grebing

     Jan Grebing has presented sessions to elementary, middle level, and high school teachers on technology, writing, student portfolios, teaching strategies, authentic assessment, state standards, and multiple intelligences. She has presented at middles school conferences in several states and Canada, for the NMSA National and Urban Conferences, and for the International School in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Central America.

      A Language Arts/Journalism teacher, Jan was actively involved in developing a technology program at Boulder High School and in training teachers how to apply computers to their classroom strategies. She was advisor to the OWL, Boulder High School’s award winning student newspaper and was nominated for Colorado Journalism Teacher of the Year. An active member of the Colorado Student Press Association, she has presented student journalism seminars at their annual conferences. She has also served as a national judge for the Columbia Student Press Association, Columbia University, NY and The Quill and Scroll at the University of Iowa. Jan also developed and owned an advertising agency specializing in creating corporate images and worked in media sales and promotional design for a daily newspaper.

Topics Include:

  • Technology Marches On: Let's Continue the Adventure!
    • Technology is always advancing, often at a rate faster than schools and teachers can adjust to or even afford. Bring your ideas, classroom strategies, and school experiences to discuss with others so we can all use technology to the best advantage for student learning and success! (One or two hour session)
  • Yes, that COULD Be YOU Up There! or How to Become an Outstanding Presenter!
    • If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a presenter at a conference, need to improve your presentation skills, or if you have a vision, unique idea, or foolproof lesson plan to share, this session is for you. Learn the strategies involved in planning, organizing, writing, and delivering your presentation for your school district, regional, or state conference! This hands—on session covers the most common, basic speaker mistakes and helps you develop a step-by-step plan of action to turn your ideas into an outstanding presentation! (One or two hour session)
  • Bingo! Computers, Workshops and Writing Charts for Successful Student Writing!
    • By combining the ideas of Nancy Atwell and Tom Romano for writing workshops with computer labs and writing charts, the BINGO system offers students individualization, peer and teacher conference time, and a built-in motivation for them to be successful in writing. (One or two hour session)
  • Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
    • You’ve probably heard about Multiple Intelligences, but have you actually used them in your lesson plans? Come to this active, hands-on session. Go on a Human Intelligence Hunt, test informally for your strongest intelligences, create your own teaching profile, learn how to create MI lesson plans, relate Bloom’s Taxonomy with MI, and determine how we find students and how we loose them based on MI. This session will forever change how you perceive your students and classroom! (One or two hour session)
  • Teaching to the Standards
    • How can a teacher prepare students for success with state standards and still use innovative teaching methods for active middle school learners? Gain new insight to this dilemma by examining what good teaching IS, re-evaluating the studends’ role in raising achievement, and relating performance-based indicators to curriculum and assessment. Sample lesson strategies are included. Come prepared to learn, discuss, and share ways to help students succeed with standards. (One or two hour session)
  • Exploring Student-Centered, Interactive Teaching Strategies
    • Discover ways to include active learning in your classroom, to use a variety of teaching strategies, and to achieve more student-centered learning. Examine the Quartile System for block schedules, lecture variations, discussion variations, interest centers, cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, authentic assessment, and independent study strategies. Bring two or three lesson plans you would like to improve and you will have time to apply the strategies of your choice. (Full day or half day depending on strategies to be included)
  • Using Art to Teach Literature
    • Help your students to better understand literature using the humanities, in particular art and drama, as a bridge to the times or periods of history. See several examples of using art to teach literature and learn how this can be applied to the seven kinds of learning styles of the Multiple Intelligence Theory. You will also have time to develop your own artistic teaching strategies to enhance your students’ journey through literature. (Two to three hour session - High School Curriculum)
To request information on Jan Grebing, e-mail jgrebing@educationspeakersgroup.com

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