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Dr. Harvey Perkins

     Harvey Perkins brings thirty-two years of experience in the field of education when addressing districts nation-wide. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emory and Henry College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He attended The University of Virginia where he received a Masters of Arts Degree in English. He earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Administration from Old Dominion University. He received his Doctor of Education Degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. He started his career in the York County Public School System as a high school teacher. Later he became an Assistant Principal, Principal, and finally Director of Program Development and Alternative Education for the county.

      In 1984, Harvey became Director of Program Development and Secondary Curriculum for the Newport News Public Schools. Two years later, he became Assistant Superintendent responsible for Instructional Services for the district until his retirement in 2003. During his career, Harvey was chosen the Newport News Educational Administrator of the Year, the Virginia Educational Administrator of the Year, the National Educational Administrator of the Year, and recently received Commendation from the Virginia General Assembly for Service in Public Education.

Dr. Perkins has received certification in the “Curriculum Auditor Classroom Training Program” from the National Curriculum Audit Center of the American Association of School Administrators. Dr. Perkins is highly sought after as a presenter and consultant. His areas of expertise are Curriculum Alignment, No Child Left Behind, and Administrative Leadership. He brings humor and a wealth of knowledge in his presentations.

Topics Include:

  • "Teaching Your Buffaloes to Fly: Leading Your Schools in Turbulent Times"
    • Do you sometimes question why you got into this educational leadership business in the first place? Do you ever feel like all of your hard work is for naught and is not appreciated? Does the new era of accountability have you and your staff reeling? What you need is to slow down, step back, and get your perspective in line with reality. People are depending on you to provide the vision for the desired future for your organization and you cannot do that from a defensive position. This session will delve into the critical issues of leadership that are required of the principal and senior staff of any organization if it is to successfully navigate the turbulent waters of the 21st century.
  • "The Impact of NCLB on School Improvement Planning"
    • Reaching success standards for all subgroups is a new requirement for many schools. School improvement teams must re-think traditional strategies for data analysis and plan development if we are to make AYP. This workshop teaches proven strategies from analysis and goal setting to monitoring and reporting which any team can utilize to show continuous improvement.
  • "Curriculum Alignment: A Critical Response to NCLB"
    • The demand for reform in public education has led to accountability measures linked to high stakes testing. Teachers and administrators are working feverishly to raise test scores; but with limited time, we need to be sure we are working smarter, not just harder. Content and context alignment are necessary for success in this high stakes testing environment. This session will explore the process and the rationale for curriculum alignment and suggest strategies for accomplishing this goal.
  • "Deep Alignment: The Next Step after Content Alignment to Ensure Success in a High Stakes Testing Environment"
    • If you have aligned your curriculum content to the state test and still are not making AYP, this session is for you. After the publication of statewide benchmark standards, localities rushed to align local curricula to the required content. While this is a necessary step to gain success for students, it is not sufficient. School districts must move to deep alignment if they are to move all students to high achievement levels, especially students who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds. This session focuses on the theory and research base behind deep alignment and gives participants some initial practice in this critical strategy.
  • "Developing a High Performance Learning Culture"
    • Schools cannot improve when the culture does not support school improvement. Often in the push to improve quickly, the school’s culture is forgotten. Participants will learn what culture is and why it must be cultivated; what roles leaders play in growing the culture; and what tools and strategies are available to help leaders foster a culture that supports improvement, high expectations and the well-being of students.
  • "Managing Upwards: The Role of the Assistant Principal"
    • How do you lead from the second position? What if you don’t understand the direction of your boss or don’t agree with it? How can you best learn from the AP role so you are prepared for advancement? This workshop will give you valuable tips to succeed and grow and help your school succeed in the process.
  • "Using Data to Lead Change"
    • Schools that successfully improve student achievement do so by regularly using data to guide decisions about instruction, student support and professional development. Easy-to-use processes are taught and participants learn how data is a vital part of the school improvement process.
  • "Developing Your School Improvement Plan"
    • This workshop is designed for individual school teams who want personalized coaching on analyzing their data, identifying critical growth areas and developing a targeted school improvement plan that meets local and state guidelines under NCLB.

To request information on Dr. Harvey Perkins, e-mail hperkins@educationspeakersgroup.com

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