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Franny McAleer

      Franny McAleer has over 30 years experience as a classroom teacher, supervisor, coordinator, staff development instructor, and college instructor. She holds degrees in education, curriculum, supervision, and instruction. During her career, she has developed and supervised educational programs nationwide in the areas of creativity, language arts, career planning, gifted and talented education, and restructuring America’s high schools.

       Franny is the author of twenty books, which are used by teachers and parents in the United States and Australia. She has also authored twenty-five magazines and journal articles. As president of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education and member of advisory boards of various educational organizations, she has promoted educational practices that teach students to use their minds well and talents effectively and creatively. Franny serves as an adjunct faculty member for Duguesne University where she teaches courses for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

       Franny presents workshops throughout the United States where she shows teachers and parents how to ignite the creativity in themselves and their children to produce a learning environment that is motivating and challenging as it prepares them for life in a global society. As an author and master trainer for Invent America Educational Foundation, she has trained teachers in the invention process and initiated regional invention conventions. In addition, Franny is a certified Six Hats trainer teaching the concept of parallel thinking throughout the United States to adults and children.

       The promise of her workshops: PASSION! A passion for learning, thinking, experiencing, exploring! To observe, to think outside the box, to look for possibilities, to rearrange the box, to look at failure as a positive part of the creative process! To Believe that – I CAN!

Topics Include:

1. Effective Teaching Strategies
Motivate your students with exciting, effective teaching strategies! This session presents classroom-tested strategies have an A+ rating by teachers and students. They are essential, energizing, and successful to improving performance in school and in life. Teachers applaud them as engaging, creative, and practical. You will learn and practice each, apply it to your curriculum and take it back to your students. These strategies will make a difference in student achievement and create a dynamic, creative, interactive classroom!

2. Improving Reading and Writing Instruction
Improve reading and writing instruction with the Six Thinking Hats®, FFOE, SCAMPER and more! These concrete, effective communication tools make thinking visible. Once your students are able to see their thinking, their ability to listen, speak, read and write improves. Performance in reading and writing takes on a clarity, sophistication and focus. This workshop will prepare you to use six colorful Hats®, FFOE and SCAMPER to improve student achievement in speaking, reading and writing.

3. Differentiating Instruction … One Size Does Not Fit All
Do you have students in your classroom who struggle to learn and others who seem to learn new material at a quick pace and advanced level? In this session you will learn the principles and strategies used in a differentiated classroom to engage all students in learning tasks that provide success and challenge. Teaching becomes more interesting and energizing as you vary your teaching techniques and the learning environment to make instruction responsive to the uniqueness of your students.

4. Critical and Creative Thinking in All Content Areas
Do you promote quality thinking in your classroom? Do you teach thinking strategies that students can use in the classroom and in life? Effective, hands-on critical and creative thinking strategies will be presented in this workshop to ignite your students’ brain power. Teachers will work in teams to learn and practice each strategy and integrate it into the curriculum to improve the quality of student thinking and bridge the gap from learning in school to learning for life.

5. Quality Thinking Using the Six Thinking Hats®
Have you ever heard of, or worn, a thinking cap? What about six of them? SIX THINKING HATS® is used around the world and now in your classroom to create quality thinkers. This effective communication tool teaches us to focus our thinking and improve performance in all content areas and in the work place. It teaches us to (1) think using six essential strategies, (2) expand problem solving and decision making, (3) develop self-questioning and assessment skills. This energizing concept used by international corporations and schools revolutionizes communication. This workshop will prepare you to teach your students to be effective thinkers wearing these colorful HATS® … white, red, yellow, black, blue, green!

6. Know Yourself, Know Your Students!
Uniqueness makes life interesting and challenging! Knowing yourself and your students better will help you understand them and teach more effectively. In this workshop we will look at various personality and learning style frameworks. When we understand our student’s personality and learning styles, we can modify the way we teach and develop a learning environment so that all students succeed.

7. Turn Up the Challenge for Gifted and High Ability Students!
Do you have students in your classroom who learn on an advanced, sophisticated level or at an accelerated pace? In this session you will learn ways to turn up the challenge for our gifted and high ability students. You will learn to connect the strengths of your students with a variety of motivating acceleration and enrichment options. Gifted and high ability students seek intellectual stimulation, and with mind-stretching questioning and ability-appropriate curricula, these students will be challenged and encouraged to achieve.

For students

1. Leadership Institute ... World Class Leadership Strategies for Young People
Do you want to develop a leadership program in your school or organization? The Leadership Institute brings you the tools that leaders around the world use to motivate and innovate! We will spend the day working in teams, learning and practicing these strategies, so that your students will have the skills necessary to become successful leaders!

2. Use Your Bean and Think of the Possibilities!
Thinking is crucial to life! Students will enjoy this workshop showing them how to take charge of their thinking using energizing, real-life strategies. As students work together, they will become skillful thinkers and their self-confidence, independence, and imagination will explode. Your students will discover the importance of “out-of-the box thinking” and the power of the human mind!

To request information on Franny McAleer, e-mail fmcaleer@educationspeakersgroup.com

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