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Annette L. Breaux

     Annette Breaux is one of the most entertaining and informative authors and speakers in education today. She leaves her audiences with practical techniques to implement in their classrooms immediately. Administrators agree that they see results from their teachers the next day.

     Her message is one of practicality and personality in teaching, of feeling and healing in touching students' lives, and of common sense and creative teaching strategies. Her writings and presentations generate instant impact on the relationships between teachers and students.

     A former classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, and teacher induction coordinator, she also developed the FIRST Program, an induction program for new teachers hailed as one of the best in the country. The program has been adopted as Louisiana’s statewide model.

    Annette has co-authored books with both Harry Wong and Todd Whitaker.  Her expertise is in student achievement, classroom management, and new teacher induction. Her books include "101 Answers for New Teachers and TheirMentors," "REAL Teachers, REAL Challenges, REAL Solutions," "The Poetry of Annette Breaux: Tips and Poems for Teachers and Students," “Seven Simple Secrets: What the BEST Teachers Know and Do,” and “50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior.”

     Her down-south warmth, infectious humor, and ability to touchthehearts of educators invariably bring audiences to their feet. Teachers who have read Annette's writings or heard her speak agree that they walk away with user-friendly information, heartfelt inspiration, and a much-needed reminder that they truly have chosenthe noblest of allprofessions--teaching.

Annette Breaux—Synopsis of Topics

Annette focuses on four main areas  -- Induction Training for New Teachers (which can encompass mentor trainings also), Successful Teaching Strategies that Improve Student Achievement, Classroom Management/Discipline, and Successful Leadership Strategies that Improve Teaching, Learning, and Student Behavior.

 Annette’s most popular speech is titled How to Impact Student Achievement and Behavior.  In this presentation, Annette offers practical, easy-to-implement strategies for improving instruction and student achievement along with classroom management strategies for improving student behavior instantly.   Principals agree that they see results from their teachers the next day. As an added note, almost everyone who hears this presentation gets Annette to come back for Part 2! 

Classroom Management/Discipline is another of Annette’s specialties where she trains teachers in the use of structured, well-rehearsed procedures and routines that will work in any classroom, along with strategies for preventing discipline problems and defusing, instead of fueling, actual or potential problems in the classroom.

Improving Teaching and Learning Instantly is the administrator’s version of Annette’s speech titled “How to Impact Student Achievement and Behavior.”  In this presentation, Annette shows administrators how to have an immediate, positive impact on teaching, student learning, and student behavior.

The 10-Minute Inservice shows administrators how to improve teaching and learning through quick, meaningful, 10-minute inservices that provide a lot of punch in a little bit of time.  Annette shares ideas for conducting short inservices that focus on simple, effective teaching strategies designed to impact teacher effectiveness, student learning, and student behavior.  This presentation is very popular with principals, assistant principals, and staff development coordinators.

New Teacher Induction Training offers training for staff developers in implementing system-wide induction, it offers basic training in classroom management and instructional strategies for new teachers, and it offers training for mentors who work with new teachers.  Annette’s FIRST Program was adopted by the Louisiana Department of Education as a statewide model, and it is used as a model for many school districts across the country. 

Annette’s popularity is largely due to her down-to-earth, practical approach to teaching and learning.  Teachers literally change their teaching after hearing Annette speak.


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